Wednesday, October 25, 2006

my mosaic lense (she = me)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
she sees the world thru her markedly mosaic lense. she realized how it colours her vision of humanity. it raises her expectations of humanity. for the beauty of a mosaic lies in its contrast of differences. she believes in the principle of equality. and so, she cannot accept that differences must all be melted into some sort of sluggish paste. that view, she sees as intolerant. equality for all means respect of each and every individual. she believes that this view makes her quintessentially canadian. the poetic beauty of the mosaic embodies, symbolically, the canadian identity.

her mosaic lense makes murky her visualization of cultural identity versus assimilation into society. while some others around her appear to have the answers ... or seem content acting upon an initial emotional reaction to a cultural controversy ... she feels bewildered. puzzled, by the issues. she understands the desire to express oneself religiously - nun's habits, turbans, hijabs/ niqabs, and yarmulkes. she also understands the importance of maintaining a secular society to honor egalitarianism.

her mosaic lense muddies clarity. she understands where jack straw is coming from regarding the issue of the niqab - veil that muslim women wear which covers their face, save for their eyes. she understands people, and sees how speaking to someone - whose face one cannot see - could evoke some discomfort. she personally thinks that a requirement to cover one's face seems tantamount to an attempt to marginalize ... render invisible. to silence women. however, she respects a woman's desire to express herself religiously. and so ... she doesn't know. how does a society juxtapose or balance freedom of religious expression with the requirements of a secular society?

her mosaic lense causes her to stumble, when it comes to consideration of fundamental issues, such as health care. politically, administratively, and quite possibly financially as well, universal health care seems questionable. but ... equality means all citizens receive equal treatment. democracy fundamentally goes hand in hand with equality for all. so ... how to reconcile dis-equal access to a basic requirement for human existence? this seems at odds with egalitarianism. and so ... these opposing views wrestle within her.

culture and religion provide shape, form, identity, context. they can even promote growth and enlightenment, as long as they're not excessively repressive, exclusivist and/or reductionist. to diminish the cultural identity of an individual or a group seems to her like ripping the lovely, thriving flowers from the ground. that said, she resents attempts by a particular religion to manipulate society for its own promotion. she thinks that christianity has really come to embody idolatry. so much opulent and massive machinery ... g-d does not exist there anymore. it makes her soooo angry. she seeks truth. she feels like that droplet ... searching for its source. she knows g-d provides her context. she feels it. g-d cannot live where intolerance does. that she knows also.

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Mayden' s Voyage said...

I hope for you...I will even pray- for clairity- for both of us.
To know Him as He would have us know Him~

Lady Prism said...

is there really a Him?..What if it's a her?..Does God have a gender...Is He - She spirit..Does a spirit have a gender...Does this God really know will we go?..Where have we been?...Does He really love?..Are we inherently good...are we inherently bad? many questions...

and I must bow to you reefer..for such a sublime corner of expressing what needs to be expressed..

mantissa said...

mayden - what a lovely sentiment. for me, to know people with energy like yours is knowing g-d.

do you think clarity is some sort of heightened spiritual state of being? i'm inclined to think so.

lux - i have to say - yes i believe there is a g-d. but calling g-d a he or a she is really sort of misleading. i think its just the limitations of language - english has no neutral gender. i have been reading a lot of rabbinical writings that say g-d is without form - we can't attribute human qualities to g-d. when i think of g-d this way ... it feels right.

inherently good or bad? i struggle with this one. i do not believe in the devil. i believe that evil is a choice that humans make. and that and of us can suffer at the hands of another (ie as an innocent victim) because we are all connected.

you are right ... so many questions.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Pink- there is so much to be muddled about in this world that I do think- when we have a clear is a spiritual thing-
Kind of like being in an airplane, above the clouds.
I often need some distance to make wise choices, but unfortuantely I have to live on the ground :)

You said at EOR's (I think) that you had been a nurse. Are you still working in that field?

I so agree with you in thinking that God does not have a form- or at least not one He is confined to. I think He can be the sunlight on my face, the hand of my child, a breeeze, or thunder, or fire...

I also think we recognize the energy of love in others who have it- and we are drawn to it. Thank you for what you said here~

Hey Lux- friend :) Good to see you here too :)

mantissa said...

mayden - i agree with you. distance. and ugh - yes we gotta live on the ground. i find tho, that connecting with nature/the outdoors can be quite comforting in this regard.

my most brilliant moments of inspiration i have felt outside ... when quietly enjoying nature. i think we have to get past ourselves in our lives and seek out clarity such as this.

and yes g-d appears in many boundless formations, as you have said. the times i have felt the hand of g-d, so to speak, are those times when i have watched a person die (like, literally watch then draw their last death). it is a most sacred and spiritual experience.

and that brings me to the answer for your question - nursing. nope. no longer practising. its a most rewarding, but very difficult, job. like ... being a soldier at the front lines.

about the energy of love. yes. i agree. i find that i also have some strange sensing ability when it comes to other people. like ... i can feel people.

Infinitesimal said...

Oh fer FUX sake girlie... I can't read tht wee little font!!

I mean, yeah, I could read it, but I actually want my eyes to last through the end of this decade... besides, I am already seeing flashes and spots...yep neurologist, here i come.

thanx for the email. I BEAT A MIGRAINE TODAY!!!!!

now please make that font bigger, and how do i get a different photo other than strawberries on the dreamtime?



mantissa said...

infini - y'know you're quite impossible? lol. font now bigger.

didja figure the template thing out?

mantissa said...

mayden - i did not complete my thoughts to you entirely ... i feel as though i have much to tell you. i will put it all in an email. bear with me - it may take a day or two to get it to you. but i will.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I would love to hear from you- hope you have a great weekend :)

mantissa said...

mayden, dear - have a splendid weekend, yourself! this is my last weekend in town before travelling to the west coast next week, but i will find a quite moment in the wee hours of the morning to write to you.

lux - i think i owe you an email, too. bear with me - i will write you soon.

infini - got your email. yahoo for you!