Wednesday, October 04, 2006

choices. creed of my self

Wednesday, October 04, 2006
i've done self and soul inspection recently.

i came up with this.

sort of like a creed.

a self creed.

i've discovered the most genuine and compassionate manner in which i can effect change in my surroundings. it involves effecting change in my self first and foremost - challenging my self to compassionate and hostile-free exchanges. i choose a course that involves altering my reaction to the thoughts, feelings and expressions of others.

i've discovered some energies exist against which i seem innately unable to shield my self: (1) fear philosphy, hostility and obscuring, belief-driven ideology; (2) inflammation and rhetoric; (3) labels, accusations and the blame game.

i choose a path that involves stepping outside the box. i choose challenge - choose to push the envelope. i acknowledge dynamism, and the inevitability of change. i choose to make thoughtful and determined choices as to the energy with which i surround myself (read: company i choose to keep).

i choose. i choose. it starts with me.

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skinnylittlesister said...

Ive been perusing through your blog, beautiful writings & wonderful pics. I especially like the one on time frozen.
I could be wrong but it sounds like you are in a contemplative position right now. Time always brings change in one way or another, but should not be taken for granted. When the time is right for you to make a certain change, I am sure that you will & it will be it changing the sheets, changing your job or life course.
Again, beautiful writings...
thank you for sharing & if I read too much into anything, know that it is not your words that are wrong, but me :)

mantissa said...

my writing is deep, you have recognized. i did blog up until very recently in a group that devolved into a fear driven and hostile forum. it didn't start out like that. but life is dynamic.

and in all that i saw how easy it is for an individual to get swept into the fear and hostility in any group situation. it made me realize that i can effect change simply by the manner in which i engage in exchanges.

this seems so simple as to be trite. but really ... its wierd. like, seeing the world thru a different filter.

you're right change looms around me. in more ways than one. its paralyzing sometimes but yes once the storm of change passes it will be great.

thanx for reading.

Justgivemepeace said...

I read or heard in a song or something which stuck in my brain, the words...."the only thing that stays the same is change itself" and it's kind of true. We are always evolving, spinning, either up or down, sometimes in a circle going nowhere, but perpetual nonetheless. Beautiful thoughts. I choose peace.