Monday, October 09, 2006

g-d's essence

Monday, October 09, 2006

i think of g-d as the momentum in cosmic expansion. the energy that expands the universe. perhaps one could think of him as the universe? something to ponder. i think of g-d as neither created or destroyed. a source of motion. light. growth. truth. he exists infinitely. he exists outside time, outside space. he transcends all physical laws which bind us - finite beings. god has no gender role. to call him “he” seems a misnomer - but i see this as restriction of language. and also a reflection of human culture - of a male-dominated humanity, for instance.

i think that god’s creative role exists at the moment of the big bang. and that all life at this moment … everywhere in the universe … emanates from that one moment. g-d’s momentum pulses based on knowledge of all … which he possesses by virtue of his transcendence of time and the physical realm. this momentum cannot change course, or any individual cosmic outcome, based upon performance of rituals such as prayer.

god exists in everything. therefore, we have connection with him at all times. to say that one has dialogue with or belief in the g-d entity expresses a misunderstanding of the true essence of god. i do not believe in gravity. or newton’s laws of physics. i know them. i touch them intimately, continuously in my daily existence. and the same goes for the g-d entity.