Saturday, May 02, 2009

On Being Roxanne

Saturday, May 02, 2009
I have 465 published posts in this blog. These posts date back to January 2006, when I first began blogging. Those who have stuck with me since those early days will know what a restless creature I am, in trying to forge my Self. I started out as graffitti artist, then became whispering forest nymph, then mad malva blue, then velvet acid tongue or velvet acid explosion, then the pink reefer, then the red mantissa, then frizzy scissorhands, then wulfine, and now ... now I have come home. I am me ~ Roxanne Galpin, aka tinkerbell the bipolar faerie. I post my picture, my full name, and my geographic location. Why not? What have I to hide? Nothing, as in transparent. That's why I am home. No longer do I conjure up an image of some person that I wish I was. I can now just Be Roxanne. What bliss! My H-Factor rises.

One of my favourite bloggers from those early days left me this comment a few weeks ago ~ ”how come you keep reinventing yourself????????????? be content with one blog name; one avatar; one message!!!!” Well put, Ardlair. My response to him? “We are many.”

I have felt like an onion these past few years. Continuously peeling away a layer, only to find another one, obscuring this thing, this treasure, I seek. And so, I have expended much time and energy and effort peeling away a layer, existing within that layer for a time, and then peeling it back, and repeating the same cycle over again.

Each time, I’ve gotten closer to the truth. Each time, I’ve come closer to realizing the truth ~ ... Read the entire post.

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foam said...

hey, roxanne ..
i always enjoy reading your posts. you write so well. but beyond that .. you sound really good. i think i first became aware of you during your velvet acid tongue days. .. yes, you've gone through a few blogging changes .. but then .. why should a blog not reflect your personal growth?
i've read your whole post, btw., but can't comment on the other page for some reason.

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

hey foamy. nice to see you. i changed the comments form on the other blog, where the whole post is, so commenting should be possible now.

Brandi said...

I've changed my previous blog name several times and then finally started a new blog-with my name-for this new stage of my journey. I totally understand the need for outsides to reflect insides. And our insides change as we get closer to our truth.

benjibopper said...

i admire that whole process, which i think takes a lot of discipline. i guess it's kind of what i do with writing, exploring different aspects of myself through fictional characters.

Genie Sea said...

Congrats Roxanne! Much blessings on your continued journey :)

K9 said...

ive know them all!! and enjoyed the many manifestations. roxanne works too/