Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fears ~ What are they?

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Photo taken by me in SW England, 2008
  • The underlying foundations of a weak self-image and self-concept ~ they keep us from fully asserting ourselves, and hinder our quest of self-actualization.
  • Inhibitors, emotional blocks, unconscious messages, uncovered elements of our psychological make up ~ they result in our resistance, hesitation and/or unwillingness to participate in nurturing and healing activities.
  • Excuses we hide behind to avoid growth or change
  • Irrational beliefs
  • Negative self-scripts we have given ourselves or that were given  us about how we will suffer dire consequences if we involve ourselves in certain activities or behaviours.
Fears have plagued me, of late. Silly, ridiculous fears which create inertia and stagnation. So much opportunity lies at my feet, I just need to grab hold and plant myself there! But there's that old fear of crossing that bridge which spans the ravine. I have tried to tell myself every excuse why I should refrain from reinstating my RN license ... and return to work part-time in my beloved profession. None of these excuses stands up under scrutiny. I have skill, I have passion and patience. I know that I was a great nurse, and can be that again. You can take the girl out of the nurse, but you can't take the nurse out of the girl. I have heard whispers of the universe telling me to take that leap, swallow the fear, embrace opportunity and growth.

And, so I will take heed.

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood."
~Marie Curie

**Note to Readers ~ On a topic entirely unrelated to this post ... Please take the time to visit my friend Mayden's Blog and read her latest post. It's beautiful and divinely written.**


piktor said...

Have you ever thought you can get out of the path you choose and accept it is not THE path and choose another path?

You can cross and uncross the bridge as many times as you wish. Your life is not a one-way walk down the plank.

People are very afraid of joy, they feel undeserving, or shame, and waste a lot of time finding excuses to be in a paralysing funk.

You are free to choose. DO IT!

If you don't like the results, choose again, until you are convinced you are on the right path.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I have a question- kind of you think we should "swallow" our fear, or should we try to purge it? I don't know if it's even possible to eliminate some fears- but I do know there have been times when facing them and getting them out in the open was helpful.

My fears are stupid- but very real. I wrestle with negative "talk" in my head on a daily- if not hourly basis. I like to pick on Al Franken's old character from SNL, but I see the power of telling oneself "You are good enough, and smart enough, and people like me" (lol). Obviously, in my case- it would be more important for me to *honestly LIKE me* and sometimes I do, but I find that I love/like myself only under certain conditions. Interestingly- this is exactly the way my father loved was very conditional.
It still is.

I think I uncovered something important here today.

Thank you- you are a dear...and you were a wonderful nurse with powerful and insightful skills. All your abilities are still there.

I wish you every good thing- with all my heart.

pen* said...

what an honest and real post.
fear is a big part of my life,
and you words rang out loud and clear to me :)

for me,
the fear hasn't really gone away,
but i am learning to step into it more often,
and see the illusions for what they are.

Carolynn said...

I love your breakdown of Fear. I will refer that when the F word makes an appearance in my life.

Go for it, Girl. What's the worst that can happen. Most fears are unsubstantiated wisps of smoke. One puff and they disappear to reveal something amazing they've been concealing.

Big talk over here...I'm dealing with a few fears of my own and am currently doing a fabulous job of procrastinating. :o))