Thursday, April 16, 2009

Empty Chair

Thursday, April 16, 2009
Golden thoughts of you
on a hush
of the languid tide
in my restless, sepia heart.
The stark solitude of
your empty chair
screams ~
your absence, lamented.
Yet, I feel you ~
tendrils of your spirit
like the casings of dandelion seeds.
The grain of your existence,
has melted into mine,
has melted
into the very grain of
your empty chair.

image credit: DeviantART
poetry: copyright Roxanne Galpin


Anonymous said...

Oh Tink this is beautiful!!!!!
And the image that goes with it is WOW!

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

Tabitha ~ many thx. The image is one I found at DeviantArt. The poem is written in response to a prompt I found at Abbey of the Arts blog. Its quite a personal piece, meant to convey the strange way that absence of someone you love becomes so present.

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

Oh, also wanted to tell you that I will email you soon. I think you are such an inspiration ... and want to tell you that, and a little more.

Genie Sea said...

Gorgeous imagery in your poem Tink! You illuminate the absence with feeling of presence. Love it!