Friday, July 18, 2008

the onion sombrero???

Friday, July 18, 2008
hi y'all.

yes, boney i will do the meme ~ post 10 pics of myself ~ i just have to find some pics to post (currently not at my 'puter ... grrrr, i HATE non-mac technology!)

in the meantime ~ to entertain yourselves, just play this commercial over and over again. do it, or else i'll make you wear the onion sombrero.

hahahahahahahahahahahahah. [evil, mad cackle].

yes ~ i've officially gone around the bend.


boneman said...

you were te one that introduced me to this band of comedy....must'a laughed m'butt off a dozen times (tracked back to youtubeland and found the others like it....

Great that you're gonna do the meme, but, here's something, too.

Bogs did me a favor by helping me see that being quiet about some things might not be the best road to travel, so....I'm moving m'blog.

It's not easy moving to a new blog, but, that's what I'm doing.
The 'Grabbing the Bull' blog is going to be a political thing until November, and then I'm shutting it down.

It's hard to do because i have to move all the addresses to the new blog one at a time, so, here's the deal.

If you don't agree with the political stand I'm making and don't want your name attached to it, c'mon by and tell me and I'll give it priority treatment.
(if you don't mind being there, or even want to contribute, tell me that, too, and I'll leave it for the duration.

In any case, the new address is at the top of the sidebar.

..................... said...

it's the mad cackle !!!

X. Dell said...

Well, Windows has a well documented history of forcing people "around the bend." I prefer the Mac too. When I get some scratch, I'll get another one. Otherwise, my Quad won't cut it here on the Internet.