Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ivy Grows in the Window Sill

Sunday, June 22, 2008
inside-ivy by frizzyscissorhands on Zooomr

inside-ivy-aeriel view by frizzyscissorhands on Zooomr

inside-ivy-close-up by frizzyscissorhands on Zooomr

Life finds a way, doesn't it?

Of course it does. Still, it never ceases to amaze me, that life perseveres, survives and even thrives in the most unlikely, impossible and/or inhospitable environments. The wild ivy in these photos currently grows right outside our house, beneath our lounge (living room) window. Somehow, the ivy picked a path that weaves it between the siding and the actual wall of the house, through the window sill of the lounge, into the house. As you can see, its spread itself across the sill and then begun trailing down the wall.

We take care now, when opening that window, against injuring our new wild and green friend. Most humans fail to realize the fact that life travels such a complex and circuitous path to survive and thrive ... constantly. That makes life a cherished and fragile treasure ~ something which we treat with love and great care. Including, and perhaps especially, the ivy growing in my window sill.


..................... said...

many years we lived in an old house (old for u.s. standards) where the vines grew copiously amonst the outside brick walls. one day i noticed that a particular zealous vine had mades it way through the window sill and into our dining room.
friends marveled that i didn't take it off. but i found great comfort in knowing that nature persists in taking it back.
yesterday i watched the exploding wilderness off my back deck reaching toward our house. again it gave me great comfort that if left alone the wilderness would overtake.

Echo said...

"Life finds a way," my favorite quote ever.
Life moves and encompasses and sucks the sun and finds the cracks. So much will survive, we are such an egocentric race, we can destroy but in that destruction could be our own. And certainly, it will be interesting to see how life rises up again.

K9 said...

agree with echo. i once photographed a queen annes lace growing up through concrete. the little flower that could!!! so. you are still in vancouver?

TROLL said...

Beautiful thought! Thanks for submitting a fine recipe in the Troll Report contest. A winner has been declared.

frizzy scissorhands said...

foamy ~ nature taking it back .. love that!

echo ~ AMEN to that.

she ~ the little flower that could ... cool. i got 12 more days until i fly away to my Pilot.

troll ~ thanx ... i'll go check it out.

boneman said...

Y'know, that's cool how you let that plant wander in like that.
And you care for it, don't set things on it, don't close the window real hard on it, don't make 'salad' jokes in front of it.

Hopefully you're holding back the others....
you know. Ants.
Not that I have anything against ants, of course, but, they are a pesky group.
You show thewm a cupboard and the next thing y'know, they're all over the honey container.

Still, it must be nice for an oxygen releasing critter to come live with ya. It just sits there sucking the CO2 out'a the air and giving you back oxygen. Course, you have to watch it when they eat beans.
It's not always oxygen....

ThursdayNext said...

I love the ivy that grows here on campus - there is something academic about ivy, isnt there?

frizzy scissorhands said...

boney ~ no ants. only ANTZ. hee hee. and ... nope i will not feed this little critter beans ...

thursday ~ yes ... i think so.