Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Chrysalis

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
The transformation from caterpillar though to the chrysalis and emergence as a butterfly represents the greatest metamorphosis in the animal world. In particular, the chrysalis has come to symbolize change ~ of the spiritually visceral kind, the sort of change that prompts the individual retreat into herself. When I think of chrysalis, I think of the trinity of experiences that, together, make up life: desire, loss, regeneration.

So .... what is chrysalis? 1. a soul trapped inside in a body. 2. an enchanted chamber where an amazing transformation will occur. 3. a protective covering ~ a refuge ~ for the changeling. 4. a symbol for metamorphosis which occurs from the inside, out. Inside the hard, golden-coloured shell of chrysalis the organism has dissolved itself into fluid. Final emergence from the silent, fluid-filled solitude breaks the chrysalis from inside. The metamorphosed individual bares herself to the world.

I feel like that soul, trapped inside that brittle husk of a body. At present, it feels nothing like an enchanted chamber ... but in my heart, I know an amazing transformation lies around the corner. And, that brittle shell, protective? Yes, most of the time it feels like a refuge. Other times it feels more like an incarceration. A painful change has seeded itself inside me ... inside of the Pilot. It's called growth. Growing hurts .... oh so much. I wonder if it distresses the caterpillar to liquify and then transform into a winged creature. Its a sort of birth, isn't it?

another post: here ~ a letter to the pilot

20 days left inside this chrysalis.


..................... said...

i wish you the very very best through this metamorphosis ..
and yes, with growth do come the growing pains ..

but i was wondering..
are you ever the pilot to the pilot?

Enemy of the Republic said...

I just read the definition of Frizzy S--I relate!!!

Are you refering to a certain trip in this post?

boneman said...

well, I dunno.
Call me a dizzy blonde, I reckon, but, the patience it must take to wait inside that shell would drive me bonkers.

Oh, I have patience, not move at all?
Dang! I'de rip my way out'a that shell and, half organized critter that I am anyway, would just start off and go!

'Course, the moth pictured at bottom is a fine looking thing, eh?
And, unlike his butterfly cousins, he gets to eat things!

Mmmmm. Show me the frying pan!