Sunday, May 18, 2008


Sunday, May 18, 2008
Remember that song from the 80s? "You are my obsession ... " a group called Animotion sang this song. Well ... hmmm. It seems Frizzy is fighting off the development of yet another obsessive behaviour. Yes, yet another. Grizzle and Growl. I need another obsessive behaviour like I need a hole in my friggin head! And, oh yeah, dear readers, its official. Frizzy has obsessive traits in her psychiatric profile. Ah-ha-ha. As if we all didn't already know that.

Okay. Back to the new-found obsessive behaviour ~ yet another addiction. Snow; the icey sort of snow. FUCK. Fucked up, as well. And so, things have gotten to the point where Frizzy has cut the sordid number out of the address/phone book, placed it in an envelope, sealed and addressed the envelope to herself, stamped it and then posted it in a neighbourhood post box. Now that speaks to the strength of the infant obsession, and the resourcefulness of Miss Frizzy Frazzle.

(Essentially, readers, I've had to cut the supplier's number from the address book, placed it in an envelope and mail it to myself, to ensure against using said number in an impulsive moment of insanity (I have these more frequently than I'd like to admit, recently).