Sunday, January 07, 2007

nihilistic thoughts

Sunday, January 07, 2007
and violent.
everything in the world
seems this way
when one holds
a certain darkness
in one's psychic sensory filter.

like ...
what if someone went
tumbling down the stairs
and could not move ...
could not breathe?
what if someone fell
from a high, rooftop
what if the police cruisers
are there, with their lights
flashing, right in the middle
of that busy intersection ...
because someone got hit
by a car?
what if that person died?
what if i knew that person?
what if ....

would i feel
or nothing ...
if i could de-materialise?
just for ... a short period of time?
what would it feel like,
to feel nothing?
would i have consciousness
of such?

an interesting thought ...

malifice could not resist ...
she watched
the sadam hanging video -
the leaked one ...
that showed him
falling to his death