Wednesday, December 17, 2008

life's like that

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~ Happy 40th Birthday to Wulfine ~


foam said...

well, there ..
happy 40th to you..!!
may this new 40th year bring you much peace ..

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Only you know what is best for you. I worry with the illness of your father that it's hard to think clearly- as it's been so hard for me to think as I watch my mom decline in a most horrible way...I feel outside of myself most of the time. Your husband has been close at hand for many, many years- and that kind of bond- like that of a sibling- is hard to break, try as we might. I hope you are at peace- because it eludes me so very very often. I hope you are well.
Happy Birthday- and Merry Christmas ♥

Anonymous said...

Perhaps imploded, and a long time ago.

wulfine said...

anon ~ quite a coward r you. sign your posts ... or are you simply too yella for that sort of honesty?

wulfine said...

mayden ~ someone told me once, in speaking of the challenges of marriage hood... 'i made a vow, and i intend to keep it ...'

i have been asleep for some time now, drowning myself in a lifestyle that puts a substance before most else. these latest events have slapped me upside the head ... woken me up to what must happen for my life to improve.

people are aging all around me ... as i myself am ... i am no longer thiry-something. i am forty now. i find myself in a society that just wants to throw things away when the begin to malfunction ... why take the five minutes it takes to sew the hole in that sock ... we'll just toss it away and buy a new one ... why take the time and effort to attempt to understand why things are the way the are, why my partner behaves the way s/he does? its too much trouble ... let's just throw it all away and get a new one ... in fact the divorce laws tell us its no one's fault ...

forgive my sarcasm ... but, you know what i mean. i have spent some time with an uncle of mine (my mum's oldest living brother) who has been married for almost 60 years to the same woman. 6 decades ... imagine that. it inspires me ... makes me feel small and petty.

i feel no anguish over this latest decision ... no doubts ... no regret.