Tuesday, August 05, 2008

That Condor Spirit

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Condor was seen by the Pueblo Indians as a sign of purification, while the Greeks considered it a symbol of transformation. The Condor, resourceful and patient, has the ability to stay focused on its goal despite outside influences that try to distract it.

Condor can see beyond earthly laws or limitations and reach the strengths necessary for life enrichment. She also has a most stubborn persistence and an unconquerable will.

My great-grandmother was nick-named Condor; she possessed a most indomitable spirit, came to Canada at the age of 95 and died at the age of 101. Dear reader, until she drew her very last breath, she possessed all her faculties ~ i.e she was 'all there upstairs.'

I needn't say, do I, that she possessed a most stubborn streak, and unlike the women of her time and culture, did not submit? I suppose today we would call that 'attitude' ... well folks then I got lots of it ... and, well, its in the genes. So there.

I feel like, as I grow older, her spirit grows stronger, inside me ... her condor spirit.

psst ~ if you come back Sunday morning, you will get to hear the bells of the basilica.


foam said...

well, then ..
may your condor spirit soar ..

Enemy of the Republic said...

Did you get my message? You can get my email address from K9 or X-Dell. I am not publishing it right now because of a certain human.

ThursdayNext said...

I love this post - it educated me and inspired me all at once. Your great-grandmother sounded truly great!