Tuesday, September 25, 2007

can't decide ~ which one? REVISED

Tuesday, September 25, 2007
ok. for a project ~ like, for marks ~ i must submit a book cover. here are two three choices i have dreamed up. whaddaya think? anyone? opinions and feedback graciously and gratefully received. oh yeah, i've decided to stop being so effing paranoid and not give a shit who knows my name.

eye of the storm ~ the cover for a fictional non-fiction book which attempts to dispel the various urban myths that exist regarding various organized religions.

(pssst ~ this is an addition ... and my favourite ~ does it look too sinister, or surreal?)

falling: my life after 9/11 ~ the cover for a fictional non-fiction book written by the wife of the falling man, a man who died on 9/11, when he jumped from the twin towers ... his fall was photographed and the photograph published. the author uses the fall which took her husbands life as a metaphor for the way in which her life changed after that fateful day.

(i like this one b/c, despite its plain-ness, it is a better photochoppy that the needle cafe one. i edited this one slightly ~ added a 'tiled' filter to it to give it that texture)

the needle cafe: tales of an IV drug user - a collection of short stories ~ the cover for a fictional fictionalized account of stories from the open drug scene in vancouver's downtown eastside, which the author affectionately calls "the needle cafe". the stories, all told from first-personal perspective, depict the darkest and yes, sometimes humourous, sides of life as a junkie. told in an irreverent, sometimes abrasive tone, this collection of stories strips away any perception of glamour from living life as an addict.

(this is macabre ~ the blood splatter could be better tho, some of it looks too faint in places. overall, i think this one's the most amateurish-looking one of all, but its quite eye-catching.)


K9 said...

hey you are right im crazy busy...i fixed the blackbird...but i had to take out the nebulae...its almost there i will send an email with the image...

i started this boot camp of pilates and yoga and running...man im just shakey all day but this is week three and i see some changes in my core....my GUT is flattening back down (a little)

hounds are crazy...she just rides good in the car but if she gets her nose to the ground and starts trackin? good bye trout!

now that we caught up i can address the post...i like falling. for one thing i have a visceral repulsion to needle things...i may have told you why long ago (not me peoplle okay?) but still very close to home....

and i think if you camne by the yard on 9/11 you saw i posted the falling man...something about the resolve of that pose has always struck me. i would actually like to read the novel you are proposing whereas i would not be in the slightest interested in reading about the needle cafe....although i know theres good stories to tell there.

but back to the falling man....that pose. like he seems so calm somehow. i sort of wish is was called jumpin (although that would imply a more upright position) because jumping is choice and falling is not.

thats my 2 cents grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl. so you caught a glimpse of mr she. hes a handsome thing. talks too much though. grrrherhahaha

/t. said...

second one

it looks better

(like something that would catch your eye on a book rack)


the.red.mantissa said...

she ~ send it to me ... i'd like to see it ... the nebula sort of looked like it almost didn't belong ...

good on you ~ my gut is NOT flat ... lol ... and never will be, i think. hahaha

my white afghan went missing for 2.5 days when he was just 6 months old ... went tracking after some deer. i was worried sick ... we were not home, but visiting some relatives in the country. what an awful feeling that was ... but he did have a awesome homing sense ~ came back the morning we were scheduled to leave.

the needle cover looks gruesome ... it could also be better ... but its eyecatching ... maybe too much? but, i dunno. i like the falling one, too. simple, but my eye likes it.

i did a post on the falling man, too, not this past 9/11 but the one before ... i saw a documentary made about it ... it intrigued me. and the picture ... its so poetic in a way.

i have thought this book could be (cuz obviously if i were writing a book, it would not be on 9/11) adapted to be about a woman who's husband commits suicide ... and then some photographer/videographer captures his falling on camera. if i were gonna write a book like that.


thanx /t .... i am torn.

the.red.mantissa said...

ok all ... i have added another choice. "eye of the storm" ~ i like this one best, i think. maybe i should just submit them all, grrrrrherherherhahahaha.

K9 said...

i like eye of the storm best...the composition is the strongest (i think) and dont you love that leaf paintbrush? loving the photochoppin! grrerhahaha the colors are better to. eye of the storm! definitely

the.red.mantissa said...

she ~ that's my thinkin. the eye is the best composition, thus far, of the three. looooooooooove that leaf brush. love it. yeah ~ the colours i like too. there's just something about lime green and periwinkle blue together. and that spiral, btw, is the vatican spiral staircase, upside-down! and with the colour balance shifted all the way to blue max. i just added the broken glass layer over the eye ... just to make it look more surreal

i did make another one ... its sort of silly, tho. i'll post it just for fun sometime ... maybe on the other blog i might post it ...

X. Dell said...

Actually, I like the Needle Cafe cover. The content is horrific, but the image is actually aesthetically satisfying. It definitely makes you sit up and take notice.

eric1313 said...

Looks like you chose the best one. Eye of the storm looks sweet, especially when blown-up. I just have a thing for runes, you know? Mysticism in all it's forms are fascinating.

I had a time trying to find this blog! I'll book it so as not to lose track of you in the future, Mantissa.

Love the name of this blog! Mythology goes right along with my love of mysticism.

the.red.mantissa said...

x-dell ~ i like that one too, but its not technically the best composition. it has a lot of potential ...

eric ~ thanx.