Monday, January 30, 2006

encounter with an angel

Monday, January 30, 2006
leaning over the iron balcony rail she lit the dove-tailed joint she pulled from behind her ear. she wanted to soak in whatever the night would offer. the weathered iron against her elbow skin felt like the stroke of fine sand paper. stroke … touch … feel … she longed for … ? well, nonetheless, her longing … wanton-ness … clung to her essense like a skin tight skirt …

through the holes in the fence slats, she watched a bent and shadowy figure hobble along the back lane. its feet scraped along, never leaving the ground. pity descended upon her like a misty rain when she contemplated such a cold, shadowy existence. she closed her eyes, inhaling long and deep … when she opened her eyes …

an utterly flawless and beautiful figure moving toward her with liquid motion. his spearmint-flavoured breath and his sweet earthy scent bewitched her. facing this creature, she squinted, as if to see into the depths of his bright eyes. a warm electrifying sensation surged through her body. in the depth of his eyes, she witness everything.

scenes and images flashed in her mind’s eye that no words could describe. she saw colours that have no description, places that don’t exist. a din of voices … an infinite collective of word and song … spinning into a whirring cacophony …. flooding her acoustic receptors. beautiful … at first … then … painful. frightened, she covered her ears and shut her eyes. the simple act of shutting her eyes transformed the surreal cacophony into familiar, earthly silence.

she watched, awestruck, as dawn spread her wings in the eastern sky.